Important Information
By using our website you agree to these general Terms of Use, and to the terms of our privacy policy Any queries about these terms or a car rental should be directed to Ambalarentacar.
Finalising a booking with us signifies that you, the renter has agreed to and accepted all conditions of our website, including the ‘Terms & Price details- (TAC)’, therefore all elements should be thoroughly read and understood.
At any time we have the right to modify these terms.
Note: ‘Terms & Price details- (TAC)’ of your rental are available when making a booking online and are also found in the customer account of a confirmed booking.
The above constitute a request from you to find a car rental deal from one of our wide range of providers.
Any contract entered into at the local destination is exclusively between yourself and the car rental provider and under no instance is Ambalarentacar a party to this contract.
The rental vehicle will be delivered to you directly by our provider in our capacity as acting agent.
Your signature on any rental contract agreement is definite proof to the acceptance of the services and terms imposed by the rental company and to the respective laws of the country in which the rental will take place.

Ambalarentacar accepts no liability for the refusal by the car rental company to provide the vehicle in the event of any problems having arisen with regards to the terms of your contract. We undertake no compensation or refund of any kind in respect of any costs incurred as a result of a change to your arrangements.
The above is binding and applies to all contracts associated with the supply of our services excluding all other warranties and terms. No action by Ambalarentacar will signify conformity of any other terms or conditions.
In the case of any dispute arising between you and Ambalarentacar, our liability to you, if any, is limited up to the initial amount paid to us.

Consequential loss
Ambalarentacar  is not liable for indirect losses which occur as a side effect of the main loss or damage which are not foreseeable either by you, or the renter and Car Flexi. Nor are we liable for loss of profits, loss of opportunity, consequential losses, loss of goodwill, damages or charges etc. associated to the issue.

Force Majeure
Ambalarentacarcannot be held responsible for the inability to deliver the obligations, for any reason, expected under or pursuant to this booking due to any unexpected or disruptive circumstance reasonably beyond our control, hindered or prevented as a result of force majeure. In the case of Force Majeure the booking and all insurances become invalid.
For a confirmed booking, in the event that the local provider is unable to perform its obligations in providing the vehicle due to insolvency, we will do our best to re-direct your booking to another car rental company. In peak periods this may not be achievable. In such a case where we have no alternative provider, you will be notified of this, the booking will be cancelled and the advance payment returned.

Ambalarentacarassumes no responsibility for the accuracy and validity of any travel information or links provided on its website. Such resources are used at your own risk.
Access to our website is normally available 24 hours a day. On the rare occasion the search engine may be temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance, updating or circumstances beyond the control of Ambalarentacar. Assistance can be sought via the customer help line.
Quotes obtained for a car rental are given according to details supplied, so their accuracy depends entirely on data provided by you.
At any time Ambalarentacarreserves the right to modify the contents of its website without prior notice.
No responsibility or liability can be taken by Ambalarentacar if the terms and conditions of the rental provider as shown on the search engine differ from those at the time of pick up. Or for the failure in the rental taking place due to missing or incorrect documentation (voucher, credit card, driving licence etc.) not being presented locally.
Ambalarentacarundertakes no responsibility for extra costs incurred due to documentation having been signed for and accepted locally.

Booking Conditions
No booking fee.
No credit card fee applies (except for payment made by PayPal) during the booking process.
Bookings are placed online on our website using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.
Note: Debit cards and PayPal can only be used on our website. Our local providers rarely accept debit cards or PayPal.
We as the acting agent do our best to confirm the order at the lowest price and as quickly as possible.
Our online system means the confirmation is normally received within a few minutes of the booking being placed (12 hours maximum, rarely more).

Declined Booking
On the rare occasion that your booking cannot be confirmed by our first provider due to unavailability, we will make every effort ‘Without Changing Your Total Rental Amount’ to send your booking to another provider to get confirmation.
You will be informed of this. NB. In such a case the TAC’s may change.

Purchasing Options Online
As Ambalarentacar operates internationally we offer our customers 3 ways of purchasing their car rental.
You can choose the easiest and most convenient method of purchasing a car rental to suit you. Check out the options below:

1) Part Paid – Book Now: Pay Later (with a down payment and confirmation)
You pay a small amount when the order is confirmed.
A voucher is issued with all necessary details of the local car provider.
Remaining amount payable at rental desk on date of pick up as stated on your voucher.

2) Book Now: Pay Later (No down payment and no credit card required online)
Rental amount is paid in full at time of car pick up at the rental desk.
A voucher is issued with all necessary details of the local car provider.

3) Fully Paid
Rental amount is paid in full at time of booking.
A voucher is issued with all necessary details of the local car provider.

Any order unable to be confirmed is cancelled along with the reserved payment.
Note: Prices online are displayed in preferred currency. Rates are shown with an exchange rate of the day. (Small differences may occur due to exchange rate policy of your credit card company).
Any transactions made on our website will be processed in Euro currency.
Any extra equipment/services purchased locally will be charged in the currency of the destination.
Any Remaining Rental Amount is paid at the destination in the local currency.

Cancellation Policy
Free of Charge for Cancellations made online via My Booking 48 hours before the rental start date.
Cancellations less than 48 hours incur a non-refundable maximum amount of 50 Euro* (or equivalent currency).
*Due to the currency exchange rate used by your bank this amount may be slightly higher or lower.
No Refund is made for a No Show or failure to produce the correct documentation (voucher, driving licence/s, credit card etc.).

Amendments and Changes
Amendment of a Confirmed Booking.
Made via My Booking online.
When an amendment is made a new order is created.
Until new order (amendment) is confirmed by rental provider the original order remains valid.
After confirmation the original order is automatically cancelled and all related payments will be adjusted.
Please Note: Amending your booking is FREE OF CHARGE
Prices vary and local provider may be different. New voucher will be issued.
Amending a not confirmed booking results in the original order being cancelled immediately.
Extension of a booking in rental can be made either by making a new booking via Ambalarentacar (requires confirmation by a local provider, not necessarily the same) or by arranging it with the local provider.
In case that the customer wishes to drop the car off earlier than booked, Ambalarentacar will not refund any amount for the unused days; it is entirely up to the car rental company whether they decide to do so or not.

Optional items and Fees
Optional insurances/ options purchased locally are controlled by the local rental provider.
Options can be subject to availability even when booked. No charge made locally for unavailable items.
Any kind of alteration made locally to your rental, such as a change in pick up/ drop off time/ date/ locations etc. which is different to that stated on your voucher, could incur extra charges.
Any fees for ‘optional items’ mentioned below will be shown in ‘Add Options’ on the car selection page after you select an item and press the relevant button to see its price. Rarely it may occur that fees for optional items may be changed between the reservation date and the rental start date.
Even if item is shown as free online it must still be ordered at time of booking.

Child seats
Mandatory in most countries, must be ordered at the time of booking.
Note: Standard of Baby/ child seats in other countries may differ.
Taking your own is recommended.
Due to insurance rules you will be required to fit the seat in the car.

Roof racks, ski racks, snow chains, winter tyres, Wi-Fi devices and Navigation System – GPS .
Are available in some locations, must be ordered at the time of booking.
Unavailable for some vehicles.
All the above mentioned equipment is subject to availability in some locations, even when booked in advance. No charge made locally if unavailable.

Additional drivers
In most locations one additional driver is ‘Free of Charge’.
Must be ordered (even if free) at time of booking.
Note: Any young driver fee applicable to additional drivers will be paid locally.

Across the border rentals
are usually allowed.
Detailed information is shown in ‘Terms & Price details’- TAC’s’ on the car selection page.
If chosen, the “Inclusive Zero excess” package provides coverage only within the country where the rental car is picked up and the “Cross Border Card” extends the “Inclusive Zero excess” package to other countries but it must be ordered online.

Ferrying the rental car
Domestic is normally allowed, must be requested at the destination. Any extra cost will be paid locally. You must inform the car rental company that you will take the car on a ferry.

Driving Licence & Age Limits
In all cases a full valid driving licence is required at all destinations. If a new style British driver’s license is held, both paper and card parts must be produced. In some countries, an International driving licence is also required in addition to the National licence.
Driving licence requirements and eligibility are shown in “Terms & Price details-TAC’s’ on the car selection page.

Delivery & Collection Charges
Any ‘out of operating hour’ charges, if applicable, are always INCLUDED in our prices.
Any deviation from the confirmed pick up/ return times on your voucher could incur extra charges, closed station or your booking treated as No Show.
We strongly recommend contacting your local provider in the case of any time change.

About Ambalarentacar

Ambala Rent A Car is a Fijian owned family run rental car company. It has been in operation from past 2 years and is serving both local and overseas clients. Our services include top of the range vehicles, Free Airport dropoff n pickup, Hotel dropoff n pickup.

About Ambalarentacar

Ambala Rent A Car is a Fijian owned family run rental car company. It has been in operation from past 2 years and is serving both local and overseas clients. Our services include top of the range vehicles, Free Airport dropoff n pickup, Hotel dropoff n pickup.

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